Who works in DVP, from the manager to the trainer, must consider himself responsible and an indispensable piece of the jigsaw that, in one piece, draws our business and our style. For DVP, people are the most valuable asset in the belief that the key to success, in any business, is the professional and human contribution of those who work there. Our constant goal is to create the conditions for a collaborative and motivating work environment, able to meet the needs of everyone and valorize all the different professional profiles. The exchange of ideas and opinions is encouraged every day for creating and maintaining a transparent and constructive relationship. The passion, the energy, the commitment, the creativity of the people who work with us are the strengths that we intend to develop constantly, ensuring a professional development through internal growth paths and ad hoc training.


Training is a value on which DVP invests with tenacity because one of the company's strategic objectives is to build professionalism. Therefore, we want to ensure a constant focus on people’s growth and development of their key skills through a personalized training, not only on DVP staff but also on our partners. For this reason, the training is constantly evolving in order to adapt to the challenges that come from the global market, renewing both content and methods of it. Maximum expression of our company philosophy is the recent birth of DVP Lab, a laboratory of ideas and technique based on the synergy of skills and talent of professionals and students, between university and company.

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